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One cannot dispute the advantages of broadband high-speed Internet service and it is in the country's and everyone's interest that high-speed service be provided to Canadian households in the most efficient way. Existing technologies, such as DSL/ADSL and cable modems which provide this service over large areas of the country, could be used to extend high-speed access to areas currently not served. BPL is a very poor technology for the distribution of high-speed signals and, at best, is a limited stop-gap system. If BPL is to co-exist with communication, broadcast, other licensed and un-licensed services, and radio users, Industry Canada must use realistic separation distances between BPL cables and potential receiving equipment, and set emission limits that will ensure BPL systems do not significantly raise the ambient radio noise levels found in urban or rural areas.

Main PageDiscussion PointsIC ProposalSummaryReferences


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